Learn How to Register and Start Bidding on Items Today!

How to Register

If you're planning to buy items, you have two options to choose from. You can either buy from the RL&A Store or you can bid on items in our auctions. In order to register with Michigan Restaurant Liquidations & Auctions, you must first fill out our registration form. You will receive a bidder number after the registration. This will be your "username" for the company and your way of bidding on auctions. When signing up, you must have a valid credit card that you are willing to put on file.

Our bidding software will shut down your bidding automatically, if your card is not valid or if you do not have sufficient funds for the purchase.

How to bid
Once you have received your bidder number, you can begin placing your bids on items by clicking on the first open box, titled, "Next Required Bid", located to the right of the item. In the next box enter your max bid (the most you are willing to pay for that item). Be sure to double check your amounts and have placed decimals in the correct places.

Be sure to double check all amounts before submitting your bid. If you mistakenly place a bid for the wrong item or wrong amount, then immediately email restaurantliquidations@gmail.com with your bidder number, the name of the auction, and the item that you mistakenly bid for, so that our team can correct the mistake.

Review your bids
You can always review your bids by entering the auction you are bidding in. Enter your bidder number and password at the bottom of the auction page and then click on "Review Bids". Submitting a bid is a contractual agreement to pay the invoiced amount at the end of the auction.

Closing time
When the auction comes to an end, the closing time of the assets is extended an additional five minutes. Each auction has a staggered ending time. It implies items end every minute beginning at the auction closing. For example, if the auction ends at 8:00 PM, then at 8:00 PM items 1 - 3 end, at 8:01 PM items 4 - 6 end, at 8:02 PM items 7 - 9 end, and it follows the same.

Submitting a bid is a contractual agreement. No refunds or chargebacks will be allowed due to failure to read the terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call Michigan Restaurant Liquidations & Auctions today.

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